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AutumnbaramsunIt’s Friday and I have a good feeling about this weekend. Here’s proof:

  • Mulled Apple Cider! I had an extra gallon of cider from this weekend and brought it into work. There’s nothing like the smell of apple and spices to make you happy
  • I’ve had headaches behind my eye all week. I even called out sick on Monday. But today I woke up, and almost no headache!
  • On the way to work I passed by a NY license plate with TGIF on it.* If that’s not a good sign I don’t know what is.
  • Paul gets home this Sunday! He’s been visiting the parents in FL all week and comes home Sunday night. While I love me some alone time I’m really looking forward to him getting back. And bonus, he must really miss me because he asked that we do a romantic dinner at home next weekend in front of the fireplace!
  • Mom’s scarf WILL be done. Yup, 2 FOs in a week here. I could have finished last night but I conked out at 9:30 (mid-knitting no less!).
  • I’m spending the weekend in Philly. I heart philly :)
  • Stella is coming over tonight. We’re hitting the pub in town and then I’m helping her seam up Klaralund. If she finishes while she’s over I’m hoping she’ll let me try it on too. I know it’s kinda cheating to try on someone’s Klaralund. Half the sisterhood with the KAL was guessing which size to make.

With all those signs how can it NOT be a good weekend? Enjoy yours too, OK?
* I also passed by a NJ license plate with MPOVICH on it. Must be some kind of code because I can’t imagine a big burly dude professing his love for Maury.

6 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh

  1. Those are definitely some great signs portending a great weekend. The only thing I question is hitting the pub and then seaming! You live more on the edge than I do.

  2. Hi Jody! I came to the S&B at your house last week. Thanks for hosting — it was great to meet you and everyone there! Also wanted to say thanks for posting your yarn shop reviews on your Website. I’m going to NYC tomorrow and can’t wait to visit a couple of the shops. –marylyn

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