Almost Done

Remember that sock I started on the plane back from Boston? Well, it’s done! I’ve had the yarn in my stash for almost a year now and I’ve been wanting to make them for a while.
Regia Crazy Colors in color 05402 (Passion)
Toe-up using a Figure 8 cast on. I’ve tried a figure 8 cast on before but it seemed fiddly on DPN. But this is now my favorite toe-up 2 circ cast on.
Heel – No wrap short row heel from OzYarn. This was a super-easy heel! If you like the look of short row heels but dislike the whole wrapping thing give this a try! No holes, I promise!
I did the heel on 60% of the stitches based on some reading I’ve done but I’m not in love with it. I think I will go back to 50% next time.
Ribbing – K3P1tbl. This made a nice tight ribbing. It starts way down where the heels ends and you can barely see it in the pic. One tip for the P1tbl – I started out by literally twisting the purl stitches. And then it dawned on me if i wrapped the yarn in the opposite direction I would get the same effect without the struggle to twist the stitch. Once I did the tbl that way the ribbing just zoomed along.
One problem – the cast off is too tight! I’m not in love with the way the pink crept in during cast off anyway so I’ll pull back a couple rows, do an increase row, and then bind off (hopefully all in black).
One final comment – the ball band says you’ll need 3 balls for a pair of socks. I find that hard to believe. Since I did toe up I thought I’d knit until I was almost done with the yarn, but I finally had to stop because it was as long as I would ever wear them. I had a good 20 wraps left on the ball at that point. Not a ton, but enough to make me think any normal shaped foot would be fine with 2 balls.
A note on the yarn – it’s superwash with 25% nylon. It’s not the softest stuff around but I’m hoping a couple of washings will improve it. They’re a heavier sock anyway, and I don’t expect super-luxury softness from them anyway.

8 thoughts on “Almost Done

  1. The no-wrap heel sounds interesting. I was shocked at how much Regia softened up post-wash. (I wash them in a machine and lay them flat to dry.)

  2. As soon as Devan is complete I want to start an actual sock–with sock yarn–no more sweaters. Thanks for the pattern. What are you going to do for the cast off? Larger needle or K2tog and put back on the needle?

  3. They look great and the pattern sounds interesting. I’ve just finished some toe-up socks (using Wendy’s pattern) for my daughter in exactly the same yarn. I used the leftovers to make some glovelets as well. There’s some pics in my blog if you’re interested.

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