Busy Weekend

0 balls/35 yards*

This Sunday I hosted the PhillyKnitters Stitch n Bitch. I squished 15 girls in the living room! Which translates to about 13 plates of baked goods (lots o’ carbs!). You see where this is going, don’t you? Let’s not discuss my eating habits yesterday. If we don’t discuss it maybe it never actually happened.
I always have a hard time knitting at these events. I’m up and down. Looking thru my WIPs for something I can work on while talking.
So what did I pick? Something new, of course:

It’s the Alpaca I bought last week at Stitches in Three-Color Daisy Stitch from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury.
* well isn’t that fun? it’s quite possible that I knit less this weekend than just about any other weekend in the past year! nothing like a challenge to kill any productivity

3 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. That is really pretty…what is it going to be? PhillyKnitters Stitch-n-Bitch?? I live about 30 minutes away in Chester Co – I’d love to get involved!

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