Paul and me on Saturday…
me: hey, i’m in my smaller jeans! can you tell?
paul: *squinting, head tilting, furrowing his brow* uh…hmmm
and then it hits him…and the “do these pants make me look fat?” instinct kicks in
paul: oh! yes! absolutely!
me: if you’re gonna lie at least be good at it…grr
Paul and me hugging last night…
paul: hey, where’d the rest of you go? you’re all skinny and stuff. btw, you DO look smaller in those jeans today
me: uh huh…nice try
paul: seriously, i can tell today
hmm, ok, maybe he’s being sincere
me: hey…did i mention i’m considering joining a gym too?
paul: yeah, right! i’m being serious!
me: grrr…so am i
so close, paul, so close
an IM between me and a coworker yesterday…
coworker: hey, quick question?
savannahchik: what’s up?
coworker: this may be out of line, but did you lose some weight? I am so sorry if this offends you but I notice that you look a little thinner. *wince and wait for a reply*
oh yeah, that’s offensive alright. excuse me while i run to HR
Since when is it OK to laugh at your girlfriend about her weightloss and not OK for a coworker to notice? Who trains these men anyway? I swear sometimes I think Christy really has the right idea, if only I were wired that way. But we all have our crosses to bear. I guess mine is heterosexuality.
Hey, I thought this was a knitting blog
What’s that? You say you came here for knitting content? Well, I have none. OK, almost none. I have some Interlacements Oregon Worsted I want to make up into a scarf and I’m having trouble finding a stitch pattern I like with it. I want the colors to stay together rather than get all mixed and muted. I’ve played around with domino knitting but that just didn’t seem to do it. So now I’m thinking entrelac. How would entrelac behave in a scarf? And how bad does the back side look?

4 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Hi Jody – have you considered trying to make long vertical stripes out of the colors? The pooling colors scarf in the latest Interweave Knits shows techniques for figuring out how wide to make it, then you can just choose a stitch pattern and the stripes should line up vertically. (I think.) But if you decide to do entrelac, I will totally live vicariously through you. it terrifies me.

  2. If you don’t want to try the pooling colors scarf (which was going to be my first suggestion), maybe something like the multi-directional scarf except with a more interesting stitch? I’ve never knit entrelac, so I don’t know how it would look as a scarf, but I can’t imagine it would be *bad*.

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