Curse of the Station Wagon

It’s Friday. And you know what that means?

  1. There was less traffic driving to work this morning
  2. There will be more traffic driving home tonight
    I’ve yet to figure out how it’s possible that less people drive to work in the morning and yet there’s more traffic driving home. But it’s true. I’m happy to get home in 1.5 hours on a Friday.
  3. I get to “sneak” out of work at 5 because I swear this company operates on Pacific time on Fridays
  4. Jeep knitting time (ref. #2 above)
  5. Crazy drivers who think they don’t deserve to wait in the traffic like everyone else

Yup. Crazy drivers. In their station wagons/mini vans/SUVs. Not all of them. Some are normal. Some remember that when you have a child in the back seat you should actually drive MORE safely.
Have you ever noticed that people in this category of vehicle seem to be really aggressive drivers? Well my brother and I have.
This phenomenon is what we call The Curse of the Station Wagon.
What is it about this group that makes them so angry? Could it be that they didn’t “Just say no” to the really bad perm. Or is it the fact that their wives have forced them to sell their sexy little sports cars? Cruising for chicks in the station wagon just doesn’t have the same effect, huh? Or possibly it’s the single digit gas mileage. Just because you’re a soccer mom doesn’t mean you need to fit the entire soccer team in your car.
Whatever it may be, I am hereby informing you that you don’t intimidate me. I WILL speed up if you try to pass me on the right and cut me off. And don’t think that tailgating me is retribution because I may have to suddenly downshift into 4th gear. There’s nothing that warms the heart like watching the front of your vehicle lunge down in my rear view mirror when you slam on the brakes. Just consider it added value.
I sometimes wonder if I’m giving all the Darwin-Fish-Knit-Euro Jeeps owners out there a bad name.
New Challenge
As part of my yarn diet I’ve decided to try and use up as much yarn as possible by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. To keep track I’ll start my posts each day with the number of balls and yards of yarn I’ve knit so far.**
**I have to share this with you guys. A couple of months ago I was looking thru my referrers and a site named “I Hate My Wife” was in there. I followed the link and the site was actually hilarious. He shared silly couple stories and had a great way with words. The thing that I remember most fondly though is that he started each post with the number of…ahem…how do I say this on a knitting blog?…the number of oral stimulations that his wife “owed” him. If she did something bad or stupid the number would go up. And if the number went down it would be in big letters and he’d be sure to point it out. I always thought it was hilarious but never thought of a way to implement the concept on a knitting blog til now.

4 thoughts on “Curse of the Station Wagon

  1. Doesn’t the mention of a hysterically funny blog without giving a link or reference violate some blogging law? :) Hope tonight’s commute isn’t TOO bad.

  2. Wow, you havne’t had a car rant in a while. :) I ticked some sedan off badly on the way back from Rhinebeck–lots of cuss words being shouted at me. No speeding involved. I just didn’t let her merge…2 cars by me was plenty. Oooh…was she a vindictive driver. Good luck with the yarn diet.

  3. hahaha! im so glad someone else in this world believes my revelation that people driving their kids to and from school are the WORST! all of the sudden, this new school year, it dawned on me. i think its because ive got a new normal hour job, so i have to slay my way to work everyday since school started for the kiddies. perhaps its some defense mechanism on their parts??

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