It’s Just a Scarf

It really shouldn’t be this hard. I know. I have tried a half dozen stitch patterns. Some were OK. Some were too hard and not drapey enough. And one was just bad for the yarn.
I’m trying to come up with something for the Silk/Wool yarn I bought for my mom. It’s in the upper right corner of this pic. It’s a heavier weight yarn – 4 spi.
The color repeats are pretty close together. So, anything that takes advantage of striping doesn’t really do anything special. One of the qualities I want to play up in this yarn is its sheen. So I was thinking some kind of drop stitch pattern – but which one? I tell ya, those Barbara Walker books are wonderful but boy oh boy they can be a time sapper!
One thing I just thought of is maybe a mini Clapotis? Mom wouldn’t wear a wide scarf but I could make one 8 inches wide. Hmm, ok…that’s an idea.
Any other good suggestions out there?
On a positive note, the yarn has taken amazingly well to the frogging. It still looks perfect! Tess yarn rules.

5 thoughts on “It’s Just a Scarf

  1. Hi Jody, Sorry I missed you at Borders, I was looking forward to it. I dont know how intricate you want to go with your mothers scarf but I’ve always wanted to try Indian Cross Stitch in the Barbara Walker 1st book.
    How’s pooling colors scarf coming, I also bought Anne at Rosie’s booth at Stitches.
    It was great running into you!
    See you soon, Ronni

  2. Jody I have that same yarn from Tess (from MD) and the picture they showed in the pattern was a simple basketweave scarf. It was very attractive…Clapotis is on my radar right now. I am scoping eBay for the yarn.

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