Kelly Socks

0 balls/145 yards

They’re done. And only 2 months late!

They look a little big on me but that’s because Kelly’s feet are longer than mine (she’s 10 inches taller than me!)
Yankee Knitter Classic Socks
Plymouth Encore Worsted (5 spi) – nice and thick for house socks
2 5mm circs
Kelly – If you’re reading this please know that I washed and dried the socks after taking the pic. They washed up beautifully and they’re now free of foreign feet matter 😉
Other Projects
I finally decided on a stitch pattern that I like for my Mom’s silk/wool scarf. Pics tomorrow.
I’m also nearing the end of the Tagliatelli Wrap. I intend to fringe it. I’m leaning toward blocking it first, and then fringing it. Does that sound like the right way to go? I figure if I block it first I can tell how big it really is and adjust the fringe accordingly. Plus, it seems like the fringe would just complicate things.
How do you all block large items? I’ve seen some people use inexpensive rugs as large blocking boards. I do have 2 small rugs that would work well for this purpose. Anyone have experience with it? I’ll need to rig up something for the wrap and some of the scarves I’ve been working on lately.

10 thoughts on “Kelly Socks

  1. I just pin everything to my guest room carpet. :) It’s the one room of the house that hardly anyone ever goes into (and I can shut the door to make sure that no little monsters go in and mess up my projects!).
    I think blocking, then fringing the wrap sounds like the way to go! Definitely would be easier without the fringe in the way.

  2. I blocked Charlotte before fringing. I put towels on a bed and pinned it out on that. Montse Stanley has a nice section on blocking.

  3. I use a big piece of pink styrofoam that they use for insulating floors. I cut the big piece into 4 little squares, and then I can lay them out in any size or shape that I want. Plus then whatever I am blocking dries really quickly because the styrofoam doesn’t absorb water. You can get it at Home Depot for a couple of bucks.

  4. Love the picture of your feet! Very neat socks and they look nice and warm.
    I use my carpet to block…it’s berber so it is perfect to stick pins into. A large rug should work well!

  5. I love the socks! they look so comfy! ive been struggling with trying to learn socks on my own, and those just look perfect! is it a pattern you just made up, or did you get it from a book?? i decided for now to keep experimenting with sport weight and try the ole heel flap thingy until i get it right!

  6. I block on a futon. We’ve got a futon and a couch in the living room, so there’s still a spot to sit while knitting and watching tv, but I can obsessively get up and check on the blocking pieces. I also drape a tea towel (or sheet depending on how big the itemblocking is) over it to keep the cats off of it while it dries. I learned that part the hard way.

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