Mom’s Scarf

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MomscarfbegWell, it only took about 10 tries but I finally found a stitch pattern I like!
What did I try? I started out with Indian Cross Stitch. The yarn is too heavy and the silk makes it too drapey though. Then, I tried out a few small repetitive lace patterns (like YO, K2togTbl), but the fabric became too dense. The yarn is just too thick and the scarf would have been rather stiff.
So then I tried out some knit/purl texture patterns. These were better but none of them said Mom.
Finally, I took out the Scarf Style book (again!) and found what I was looking for. A simple feather and fan pattern. It’s mostly st st, with one row of purls showing on the RS for every 4 rows. It gives it just enough texture without overpowering the yarn. The yarn is so pretty that I wanted it to be the main focus of this scarf.
And bonus – the yarn is so heavy that it has EXCELLENT drape! I like that in a scarf, particularly one that won’t be fringed.
Simple Socks for the Sock Knitting Newbie
I received a couple of comments from readers yesterday saying they would like to re-start their sock knitting. I’m far from an expert, but here are my recommendations:

  • Use a heavier weight yarn for the first time. Something 4.5 – 5.5 spi would be nice. This gauge makes great house socks and you’ll have less of the sock knitting duldrums because they will go much, much faster.
  • For a simple cuff-down sock I’d recommend Joan’s Socks from Lion Brand. They’re the right gauge, the pattern is simple to follow, and it’s free! I made a pair earlier this year and you can see it in my gallery.
  • If you are having trouble with DPNs, I’d suggest giving 2 circs a try. I started with DPNs but I pretty much 2 circs now for any kind of circular knitting. I learned using Cat Bordi’s “Socks Soar on Two Circulars” but I’m sure there are some free resources online. I found this one on the socknitters site for 2 socks on 2 circs (you knit both socks at the same time).
  • Consider making a pair of felted slippers. You get to try out all the same techniques but bonus – you can hide your mistakes by felting them! Knitty has a free pattern for a pair. Take a look at the prefelted pic – looks like a sock, right?
  • Use your LYS. Most LYS’s have a sock knitting class, and many instructors will let you contact them afterwards for help. Sometimes you can’t beat the help of someone right next to you to tell you what you’re doing wrong

Sock knitting can be completely addictive. The yarns are so much fun, the projects are super-portable, and the quantity of yarn needed makes it a rather affordable knitting project. Don’t let a few failed attempts stop you!

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