Pooling Scarf

A few commenters suggested I try the Pooling Colors scarf pattern for my Oregon Worsted yarn. But it’s not going to work.

anne’s color pattern
oregon’s color pattern

The only way I’m going to get these colors to pool is if I knit it in the round.
How crazy would it be to do this scarf as a tube? It could be fun if I get the colors to offset a bit so they wind around. I’m not sure I’m doing it but it is a possibility.
Oh, I mentioned the dominos I tried with the yarn. Here’s a pic

The colors are a little richer and a little less saturated.
It’s Friday!
Woohoo! This weekend should be great. I’m doing dinner tonight with some friends at Medieval Times, Saturday is Stitches East, and then Saturday night I’ll be in NYC to see the North Mississippi All Stars. If you like Southern Rock/Blues you should check them out. This will be the third time I’m seeing them.
Have a great weekend everyone! See ya Monday :)

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