Taglia041006Colinette’s 100% Merino tape yarn has been so much fun to knit with! Tagliatelli’s* color changes are subtle and striking at the same time. I picked this colorway to be able to wear with jeans or black and I like the way it looks knitted up.
I swear it looks better than this in person. Variegated yarns do not photo well!
It’s a basic V-shaped wrap/shawl. The pattern is simple. You knit a few foundation rows (I think I cast on 7 sts to start) and then repeat 4 rows:
Row 1: kf&b, k, kf&b, knit to 3 sts before end, kf&b, k, kf&b
Rows 2 and 3: kf&b, knit to last st, kf&b
Row 4: k *YO, K2tog tbl*
Each 4 row repeat adds 8 sts. I’m not sure how wide I’ll go. I keep taking it off the needles to play with it and see. I’m only halfway thru the first hank and I bought 2 so I’ll definitely have enough. I’m not sure if I’ll fringe it either.
I am going to try blocking it so it isn’t as sproingy (do tape yarns block?). I want to flatten it and give it less thickness. I don’t care how much weight I lose — I have no interest in padding my hips! I may also add some dark beads to weigh down the ends and help keep it stretched.
Stitches East Anyone?
I’ve been busy this week and haven’t done much blog surfing. Who’s going to Stitches? Christy and I will be there. Leave a comment if you’ll be there. We’d love to meet up with some fellow bloggers!
* Don’t you think there’s irony in a low-carber knitting with pasta-named yarn? Hey, I’m Italian. I gotta get my pasta somehow 😉

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  1. Can’t wait to see your Tagliatelli finished. I was a real sucker for Colinette for a while…loved it!! Yup, two exclamations kind of love. I have a kit for a throw in the closet. I just need to get motivated to knit it. Have fun at Stitches…I’ll be working at Granny’s. :)

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