Two More FOs

2 balls/515 yards/4 FOs

I was finishing like a madwoman this weekend.
First up, the Hooray For Me Gloves:

Hooraydone1 Hooraydone2
yup, looks just like the first one in fact, they match perfectly!

Pattern: Marnie’s Hooray For Me Gloves
Yarn: Regia Multi Effekt (the pattern said 1.5 balls but I only used one (and had about 20 yards leftover)
Notes: I cast on 3 stitches (instead of 2) between the index, middle, and ring fingers, and only did 10 rows on those fingers.
I love these little gloves! I’ve yet to wash them. Can you dry superwash or do I need to air dry them?
Interlacements Mitts
I picked up this pattern at Rosie’s. They’re so simple! You cast on around the fingers and knit toward your elbow.

Brightmittsdone1 Brightmittssidebyside Brightmittsthumb
the yarn is so soft
and comfy to wear
this color is more accurate there is no thumb gusset
just a K1P1 rib to do
all the stretching you need

Pattern: From Rosie’s Yarn Cellar
Yarn: Interlacements Oregon Worsted – about 75 yards
The yarn is so stretchy and comfy. The hanks are over 500 yards so I plan on making a neck warmer and a pair of socks with it. The color is really really bright but I like it too (in small doses). I wore them around the office yesterday because it’s cold in the mornings and I got a few compliments and even more stares :)
I plan to make a few more pairs of these. They’re great little stash buster projects, they are nice to wear by themselves or over gloves, and would make lovely stocking stuffers.

8 thoughts on “Two More FOs

  1. Those gloves are great! I’m pretty sure you can dry superwash, at least if it’s got some nylon, but I’d probably just put them near a radiator… Or something. They’re small enough that it shouldn’t take too long for them to air-dry, especially if they’re spun out in the washer.

  2. Ah! Both pairs of gloves are beautiful. You are going to have very warm palms. 😉
    You should have no problem washing and drying that sock yarn. It’s made to take a beating. If you have any concern at all, knit up that last scrap of yarn you have and run it through the washer and dryer. I think you’ll find it does OK.

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