A New Day

2 balls/770 yards/5 FOs

As you probably noticed I took the day off from blogging yesterday.  I just didn’t have it in me to put together anything other than a negative, bitter and bitchy post.

So what’s a girl to do when she needs to lift her spirits?  Shop, of course!

I probably don’t need to tell you all about the great deal going on at Elann for their Peruvian Collection Highland Wool.  I know I’m on a yarn diet but I caved.  Here’s what I got:

Grapeheather Midindigoheather
0743 grape heather
to make mart
for paul for christmas
0726 mid indigo heather
st. brigid!!!


Martinavneck  Katydb
0744 harvest heather
for one of these designs
from adrienne vittadinni or debbie bliss

I noticed yesterday that Cascade 220 describes itself as 100% Peruvian Highland wool. Does anyone know if the Elann and Cascade yarns are the same? Both color palettes are extensive, but I haven’t felt the Elann one in person yet.

This Weekend

In addition to some quality knitting time, Paul and I have a few things planned this weekend. We’re doing dinner tonight at The Melting Pot. This was where we had our first date and we always have a wonderful time together. The dinners usually last around 3 hours and the booths let you sit close together and just enjoy the night. I’ve been looking forward to sitting close to my honey, sipping wine and enjoying a yummy dinner. Tomorrow we’re going to Lancaster County to do some apple picking. It’s supposed to be sunny and in the low 60s and it should be a perfect and relaxing day! I’m sure we’ll come home with plenty of apples and squashes and I’ll probably bake up something apple as well.

And one final jab at the election…

This correlation between IQ and voting pattern is funny, sad and scary all at the same time. Just further proof that Tim Russert’s comment about appealing to the public’s intellect doesn’t get you in office.

17 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. I looove the Melting Pot. I’m so jealous! How are you going to get Cork’s gauge with the highland wool? 2 strands held together?

  2. re: IQ and voting pattern.
    once again, i’m reminded that for all of my education, i’m still in the losing column. yeah, i graduated with wicked-smart honors, but i’m doing the work of a monkey at the salary of a chimp (hence the two jobs, you know?).
    reminds me of a Carlin saying: think of the average American. now realize that 50% are below average.

  3. Manos del Uruguay is also labeled as Peruvian Wool. Have you tried Manos yet? It knits up beautifully. And is dyed beautifully. I have wondered though, since it is Manos del *Uruguay* why they are not using wool from Uruguay. I have never researched Uruguay’s wool industry, maybe there isn’t one. Anyway, I degress. There are a few bloggers mentioning Elan’s Peruvian Wool. I think I’ll have to check it out.

  4. I am trying my damndest to avoid elann. I don’t need to buy any more yarn for a while but that wool with all it’s beautiful colors and great price keep calling to me. I have almost pushed the purchase button twice!

  5. I used the Elann wool last year, and it feels exactly like the Cascade, and works up to the same gauge. I love the stuff and ordered some already, and I still want more!

  6. The highland wool felt thicker/loftier to me, but I might just be wierd. I made the debbie bliss cable sweater out of all seasons cotton, my only regret is that though washable, the weight of the cotton makes it want to do that 80’s shoulder thing. In the wool, it should be much happier =)

  7. I tossed my denim “Pound of Love” (NOT) St Brigid for 25 balls of Harvest Heather hoping to get more bang for my buck. I’m really lovin’ my Cascade 220 choice for Na Craga. Looks like a dupe if you ask me.
    2nd time ’round and I couldn’t pass on the deal. Thx for the reminder.
    St B is fun to knit.

  8. One warning about that gorgeous DB pattern. I made in cotton angora, and I don’t know if it was the yarn or the pattern, but I made the second smallest size, and for some reason it came out v. short and v. wide (I stupidly followed the measurements in the pattern instead of making up my own), and the neckline is impossible to keep over both shoulders. So I would suggest tailoring the length and width to your own measurements, and making the neck opening smaller (from side-to-side). I almost want to make it again, just to prove to myself I can do it right!

  9. wow – love the green sweater..! can you tell me what book it is in adn how much yarn you need for it?? it’s gorgeous….

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