2 balls/887 yards/5 FOs

This weekend I made sure I got some R&R.
Friday night we had a lovely time at the Melting Pot.
Saturday morning I realized that apple picking season has long gone in this neck of the woods. So instead, we stayed in Jersey and went to Delicious Orchards. We took back roads the whole way and the drive was lovely — lots of rustling leaves and colorful trees. Paul drove and I knitted most of the drive. We stopped by an outlet mall and I picked up 3 new sweaters from Bass. At 20 bucks a piece I couldn’t resist. The yarn would cost more than that! They’re 100% wool but they have a mohair haze to them. Maybe they’re fulled slightly? Saturday night I crashed and went to bed at 7. I slept for 11 hours (I usually get up around 6 on the weekends so that’s not unusual for me).
Sunday I spent the entire day at home. Other than a run out to the supermarket I didn’t leave the house. And it was wonderful! I started out by test-knitting a new pattern for Kate Gilbert. Luckily I had something in my stash that was perfect.
Then I did some work on Paul’s Cabled Sweater (pics tomorrow). The front is now 100% done! And I have a couple inches of the back done too.
And then I pulled out my Phildar Cabled Hoodie and did a few rows on it as well.
A few things I realized about my favorite projects this weekend. I love green — all shades of green. And I love a nice, basic, plied wool. I was knitting on 2 shades of Cascade 220 and one shade of Araucania. And I loved it! So I think I’m going to be very happy with the Elann Peruvian Wool I ordered last week. I can’t wait to see the colors!

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