Green Cables

2 balls/900 yards/5 FOs

front done
click for the full frontal shot*

I like this project more and more. I’m a few inches up the back now too, but since it’s just 2×2 ribbing I’ll spare you the shot. The sleeves are supposed to be a single panel of the cable (as opposed to the 3 that’s on the front) flanked by 2×2 ribbing. I’ve been considering making the sleeves just ribbing. What do you think?
poll closed! thanks for voting!
* imagine the riff raff that’ll encourage

11 thoughts on “Green Cables

  1. I really like the look of cables going up the sleeves. Sometimes our men don’t know what they want until they see how great your vision/the pattern’s vision, can be!

  2. I voted for no ribbing. Personally, I’m with you… the cables would look better, but since he’s offered an opinion and it’s for something he’ll wear, I’d go that way.

  3. I think the ribbed sleeves will flow nicely off the edge of the body. But a cable set in the middle, if you choose, would look terrific too. Big help, huh? But I did vote for just rib.

  4. OMG. ok cables may seem very flowy and feminine, but it seems that when cables are placed on a man, it makes them suddenly irresistable. Theres just something about that confidence.. makes them rugged and soft at the same time… unless of course youre using pink yarn.

  5. are you aware that your “next” and “previous” links on your Knitting Blogs webring don’t work? They just send me back to this page…

  6. Cables cables cables. I wanted to vote but somehow I’m not seeing which choice is on top and which is on bottom. :( I can’t see either.

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