Green is Good

2 balls/900 yards/5 FOs


Thanks to Ashley I found out about the Green Along. Given my three main sweater projects* are all green I had to join. Maybe it’ll be enough to get my butt in gear and at least finish one of them. Afterall, I cast on for Paul’s green sweater on January 1st! I really don’t want to ring in 2005 with it still as a WIP.
The People Paul Has Spoken
An IM conversation with Paul yesterday:
Paul: So I saw your little poll on the blog today
Me: Yeah? Did you vote?
Paul: No, it doesn’t matter how the vote turns out. I don’t want the cables.
Me: Are you sure? I think they’d look great.
Paul: I’m sure.
Me: Hmm
Paul: I read the comments too. Do all you knitters think we men can’t decide for ourselves? I know what I like. I have vision. I don’t want the cables.
Me: OK, OK…no cables :(
Last I checked the poll, with 69 votes, it was 55% in favor of no cables. So, no cables it is *sigh*
Cool Pattern Book
Oshun left a comment this morning about a new pattern book for Araucania. Bodal and Eka caught my eye because they’re a bit different, and Taltutten (knee socks) sound cool because I’ve been obsessed with knee socks. I’m going to have to see if I can find it locally.
* I know they look more brown than green, but trust me — they’re all green. Natural light is a controlled substance around here in the mornings!

10 thoughts on “Green is Good

  1. Check AC Moore for the new Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book for Araucania. I saw it yesterday during a quick stop to AC Moore.

  2. see, this is just further evidence that Paul is indeed a Yo Yo man. I had it right!!!
    kidding, Paul! my husband would fight against cables, too. in fact, he has–which is part of the reason he has yet to receive a hand-knit sweater. that, and the turd lost the hat i knit him after, like, two weeks… plus, i’m sure at this point, you’re thinking, Just give me the damn sweater already!
    Jody=sweet, too.
    (nothing is safe from the blog)

  3. Wow, I can’t believe he dismissed the opinions of knitters like that! I voted for mini-cables because it made the most sense given the body of the sweater. My boyfriend always rejects any change to a pattern, regardless of how much better it could look. Men…

  4. That’s quite the alteration in color balance! More brown than green? They look _brown_! I believe you, though.
    Have you gotten your wool from elann yet?

  5. 69 votes?!?! I think *someone* was stuffing the ballot box. 😉
    PS- I voted for no cables. I figure if I knit it the way THEY want it, it will be worn. Otherwise, it’s a really nice lump of yarn folded in a drawer.

  6. I voted for no cables – I had a similar discussion with my husband over stripes. I’m going to knit him Fitzgerald in Noro Knits, but not with Kureyon, which would have made it interesting for me. He wants it plain, so I’ve promised endless stockinette in one color for a man who is 6’5″ – the things we do for love! Anyway, they have to wear the sweaters, they should get final say in the design.
    (I personally like the cables on the sleeves.)

  7. yes, i have the new corniela hamltion book. love it. i’m making the Krotan Poncho right now. i’m using Manos yarn. it is very close to the nature wool. there’s a new #4 book out now too. (i have all her pattern books). the new #4 is saw in the knit pixs catalog. from #3 i’ve made 3 items!!!

  8. Unfortunately the recipient trumps the poll. That’s just the way it is. Just think of it this way, with so much input into the sweater, he better love it and wear it often!

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