Greener Pastures

2 balls/900 yards/5 FOs

Boy this was a long week! Work has been CRAZY and I’ve barely had time to knit. On top of it all, I arranged a potluck for work today and I had to cook up four pounds of meatballs (plus sauce) last night. So even though I got home relatively early I had zero time to knit. That’ll change though — this weekend it looks like I’ll have 2 solid days of knitting. Paul has to work, I have a full TIVO, and I’ll stock up on firewood tonight and be good to go. Knitting, the fireplace, and my favorite shows. Can’t beat that.
Thank You
Thank you all for your wonderful comments on yesterday’s post. It’s funny, when I wrote it yesterday I really wrote it for myself. And when I posted it I thought “Today will be a no comment day.” Boy was I wrong! It was great to read your comments and get your emails. I’m always surprised when something I write elicits a response. As the girl who was all math and science all the way through high school and college, I’m amazed when something I write actually evokes emotions in others. So — thank you for letting me know how it made you all feel! I enjoyed reading the comments as much as I enjoyed writing the post.

One thought on “Greener Pastures

  1. Your post yesterday was beautiful. As I read it, it reminded me the times with my dad.
    My dad never spoke of the war, it was something he would not talk about. Makes me wonder what he (they) really went through. My dad passed away in 2000 taking a lot of “unanswered” questions with him.
    Aren’t we lucky to have had such wonderful dad’s.
    And aren’t we lucky to have so many wonderful men and women out there, who serve in our miliary. They are appreicated more than they will every know.

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