New Socks and a (Still Not Quite Done) Neckwarmer

2 balls/745 yards/5 FOs

So I blocked my neckwarmer. It was too big. So I misted it well with water and encouraged the ribbing to pull in again. Hopefully I got it right this time. It’s still drying so I’ll show you all in the next day or two (assuming I actually got it right this time).
New Socks
True to my word (as if there were any doubts) I started a sock from Knitting on the Road. I pulled out my Spirit Trail sock yarn and picked the Friday Harbor pattern. No pics today, but here’s a link to a finished pair.
One big difference though. My yarn is aran weight, and the pattern called for 5.5 spi. I altered the pattern to suit the yarn but I didn’t do a perfect job. I had to shorten the length of the leg because they were too tight to go up very high. So I’m considering frogging them and starting over. We’ll see.
One thing I keep meaning to mention. I’ve been using the cable cast on for handpainted yarn lately. Why? It uses a single length of yarn, as opposed to the long tail which uses 2 lengths. The difference is with a single length you don’t get one color across the loops and another color below them. Here’s an example of using the long tail cast on with variegated yarn. See how the bright blue goes into the purple and brown? That’s because I used a long tail cast on. Every time I look at that scarf it bothers me. I plan to frog the beginning anyway, so I just consider it a good little lesson.