Sweater Challenge

I’ve been planning to put a bunch of my stash up on eBay over Thanksgiving weekend. I have more than I’ll ever knit, and while it’s all really good stuff, some of it I just have no interest in using at this point.
I’ve had two cashmere cones from School Products that I just didn’t know what to do with. They were a great buy, but I just don’t know what to do with them. So I considered putting them on eBay.
Then last night I got inspired to make a sweater for me out of at least one of them. I’ve been wanting to make a big, cushy, weekend kind of sweater for a while now. You know the kind — minimal shaping, loose, the kind you could tuck your knees under while watching a movie.
The cashmere seemed perfect.
I swatched and washed and wow! Huge difference after it was washed. It fluffed up and the gauge grew from 4.5 to 4spi. I suspect it will get even softer with some conditioner.


The washed swatch is on top. I think you can slightly tell the difference. In person it’s much more dramatic.
I cast on for a wide-necked top-down raglan. Very basic, with just a simple 2×2 cable done every 4 rows at the raglans. I may taper the sides in about 2 inches at the waist and then go back out. But that’s it. Just a big ol comfy sweater to wear for years to come.

Oh…the challenge? I’d like to finish this before working on anything else. If I work on just this sweater I think I can get it done by Friday in a week by Christmas?. Who am I kidding?
Soon. I’ll finish it soon.

12 thoughts on “Sweater Challenge

  1. I so wanted to buy some cashmere at School Products when I was there last time, but they didn’t have any colors I liked. :( Yours looks beautiful! I know their cashmere is soooooo soft, so it must feel heavenly. I hope you love working with it. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

  2. Jody, please include a link to your ebay listings. I am most definitely interested if you decide to sell the other cone of cashmere!

  3. Cashmere — YUM! That’s going to be the cushy-est, softest sweater EVER. I vote with the others on hanging on to the your other cone as well,…

  4. You can definately see the difference in the washed swatch! It will be lovely. You should just put a gallery up with your stash. Lots of bloggers do that–save on the eBay fees.

  5. Very pretty!! I wish we were getting together this week so I could see it in person. I guess I’ll just have to wait! (BTW… thanks for your comment from Friday, I’m feeling somewhat better now)

  6. A big fluffy, cashmere sweater! I am jealous. And as for deadlines, you should know by now that it will be finished when it’s meant to be and not a minute before! I swear knitting has a mind of it’s own sometimes.

  7. beautiful! i found a nice pluffy sweater at the thrift store the other day and am still considering pulling it all out to make something else, perhaps cabled. the original is not too bad though, we will see! your sweater is looking comfy!!!

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