Work is really busy this week, but it’s a good busy. The kind of busy I like. Just enough pressure to make it fun. I didn’t get home until 8 (an 11 hour workday) but I was still energetic and happy. Not that tired-stressed out feeling I can get when it’s bad.
I had some take out Chinese and planned to sit down and clean up my pattern that I promised to you all. I had great intentions. Really, I did. But my laptop had other ideas. It needed to be cleansed. Seems I got bit by some kind of nasty spyware. The kind that doesn’t get cleaned with software. Two hours of checking task manager, editing the registry, disconnecting from the network, and moving and deleting files and I was ready for bed.
So, I have nothing for you today but this sob story. Today isn’t looking to be much easier of a day at work, but I’m hoping I have a clean and happy laptop to come home to tonight.
Oh, and if you’re from PhillyKnitters and reading this, I’ll post that recipe for the Raspberry Ribbon Bars tonight or tomorrow. Yup, I’m behind on that too.
Tis the season, right?

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  1. Hi,
    I came upon your blog via the Knitting Blogger ring. You have a nice blog. I enjoyed it. However, I wasn’t able to continue to the next blog on the ring.
    Just FYI.

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