Kelly Christmas

Alright, Kelly, if you’re reading this — stop!
I’ve been working on Kelly’s Christmas gift on and off for the past week or so. It’s great to knit on when I’m trying to be social or pay a lot of attention to a movie. Here’s a pic of my progress.
It’s a strapless evening gown for her Barbie. Kelly is a big Barbie girl. She can never have too many dress up outfits! I’m almost at the top and I’m going to do a few rows of beads along the top edge. The blonde hair will look gorgeous against the black.
No, I’m not making a strapless dress for a Barbie doll! It’s really a gauntlet. See? I’m using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I’m doing it at a tighter gauge than specified in hopes that they’ll be extra warm. I picked the yarn because it’s soft and washable. And yes, that’s the tubular cast on again. Extra points to you if you noticed I’m wearing Rogue today too!
I’ve made the gauntlets a bit smaller than the pattern called for. I had a bit of a scare after getting done with the wrist decreases. It just looked too small. Tiny in fact. But I brought them to work to have a friend try them on (she’s small-boned like Kelly) and she said they “fit like a glove” har har, so I’m free to finish em!
My goal is to get one completely done by the end of the weekend. You would think I should know better than to set these kinds of goals. It seems as soon as I put it in writing here it’s bound not to happen!

2 thoughts on “Kelly Christmas

  1. she will just love those! i love the yarn! im a big fan of black for some reason! you would think i would want exciting socks, but nooo… i knit black ones!

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