New Knitty

I wrote my post yesterday before realizing it was up.
I love this issue! I can honestly say that if the mag wasn’t free that I would pay for it.
First, the patterns
Belle Epoque. Oh how I’ve been daydreaming about this since yesterday! The shape would not work for me, but get this. It’s really just a straight tube that pulls in under the bust because of the ribbon. So it would be super-easy to add in some waist shaping instead and turn it into a style more fitting to my body style. I’m trying to come up with a good yarn choice and color. I suspect I’ll be tackling this during my time off after Christmas.
Mariah. I’m sure this comes as no surprise for those of you who know me. Cables. Hood. Great gauge (5spi). Enough said. I have some Cascade 220 in my stash that would look lovely as this cardi. Mariah may give Belle Epoque a run for her money.
Wavy. What a fun scarf! I love all the cool scarf patterns that have come out recently. I’m surprised at how wavy it gets with just knits and purls. I had to read through the pattern to be convinced that there were no travelling stitches. So not only is the pattern cute, but it’s very beginner-friendly. Again, in a wonderful 5spi gauge, although you could easily change the cast on number to adjust for you own yarn.
Aiblhinn. The versatile cowl/head wrap is great. It’s in a simple pattern and a popular gauge. What I think is unique about this one is it’s less frilly than others that I’ve seen. This is more of an everyday item — great with the denim jacket as photographed.
Cross-country Chullo. The pattern is cool. I just wish I looked good in hats like that. It looks like a fun knit.
The articles
These are really good articles! Jenna’s more than you every thought you needed to know about sleeves, Teresa’s picking up stitches, Ariel’s reading charts, and Julie’s top down percentage “pattern”. There’s a ton of knowledge in these articles.
I’ve promised myself not to start any of these until after Christmas. I still have some Christmas knitting to get thru, plus my Philly Knitter Secret Pal gift which is due at the end of January.
Why does Christmas seem so close when I look at all the knitting I need to complete, yet so far away when I think I can’t start a new project until then?

4 thoughts on “New Knitty

  1. Oh I agree, what knitty goodness! I’ve already cast on the wavy scarf and am pleased with the results. I too am eyeing Mariah… fabulous!

  2. i totally said JODY when i saw Mariah! i agree with you on the articles–the picking up stitches one helped me clear some things in my head.
    i think the 21st should be a preview of post-christmas knitting!!! i know, i’m a bad influence.

  3. I am so excited about the picking up stitches article!!! Just in time for the Manos cardigan – love when that happens!!!

  4. Man – Mariah seems to be on everyone’s list, eh? It’s just so PRETTY and yet so comfortable looking…I just told Fiber Fever that a knit-along might be in order for early next year… 😉

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