PKSP Goodies

My Philly Knitter Secret Pal struck twice this weekend! Inside the first package was a tea mug, a box of Tazo Tea, a few packets of hot chocolate, and a mini spa kit. All perfect for this time of the year. PKSP — I definitely drink tea so you were right on with this package!
Then I noticed the next one came from Amazon. She sent me two books. The first one from my wish list — Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys, and Arans. I’ve never seen the book in person but I LOVE IT! The book is chock full of texture work — cables, travelling stitches, knit and purl combos. It’s gorgeous. I may need to use one (or a few) of them in a scarf in the near future. I’m itching to use this book now!
The second one was a book I almost bought off of elann the other day — The Sock Calendar. What a nice book! I mean, can a girl ever have too many sock patterns?
I started a sock from it yesterday out of some Trekking yarn.


I love the yarn! I love the pattern! It’s a simple slip stitch pattern. You slip a every 5th stitch for 2 rows, and then you move that stitch over 2 stitches on the 3rd row. Very simple to remember, but still a lot more interesting to knit than ribbing.
I converted the pattern to toe-up because the Trekking comes in 459 yard balls and I didn’t want a third of a ball stuck in my stash. I’m also planning to do a short row heel. I like short row heels better for toe-up because I don’t have to break the yarn and come back to an afterthought heel. I’m partial to the Ozyarn no-wrap short row heel which has you pick up a stitch and knit them together instead of the wraps.
Socks I Wish I Could Claim To Have Knit
Bass1_1I’m obsessed with Bass socks. They’re adorable! Mohair polka dots. Argyle knee-highs. Today’s pair is two color with snowflakes up the sides. Don’t they just scream winter? Am I the only crazy who checks the construction of commercially made socks? No? Good. This pair is knitted them in the round with the yarn broken at the edges. There’s about a half-inch of yarn left at each edge where the colors change. So they didn’t do intarsia in the round. Phew! But all that color changing! Oy. That’s why I buy Bass socks. They’re socks I’d never want to make myself, but can totally appreciate wearing them.

3 thoughts on “PKSP Goodies

  1. Love those snowflake socks! I’m so looking for Bass socks now (cause there’s no way I’m doing intarsia socks!). Thanks for the tip.

  2. I hear ya on the Halo comment. My DH is once again addicted to EverCrack. Whatever floats your boat dude, at least I have time to knit in peace.

  3. im so happy to see you’ve been feeding your sock addiction! you’re lucky to have a secret pal who understands! that pattern with the trekking yarn looks so fun!

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