Quick Scarf

I bought 2 new coats on super-sale at Target a couple weeks back and needed a new scarf. The coats are berry red and light pink. Just to keep it interesting, I also wanted it to coordinate with my new green purse. After search for over an hour at a LYS I finally noticed the Debbie Bliss Soho yarn. It had berry, light pink, and green in it. Perfect!


It’s a simple mistake rib pattern. I used 3 full balls and it’s really long. It’s got to be over 6 feet long (not counting the fringe). Oh — the fringe. Isn’t it pretty? I cut the fringe before I washed the scarf. After washing it the yarn puffed up and the fringe untwisted a bit, giving the fringe ends a soft V-shaped edge. Since it’s single-ply it just loosed up like that. I like!
The pattern — mistake rib — is so nice for scarves. Reversible, easy to keep track of, doesn’t roll, but it allows it to fold which works nicely around your neck.
Don’t know mistake rib? It’s simple. Cast on an odd number of stitches and knit 2×2 ribbing. That’s it! The odd number of stitches makes it so only every other knit stitch sits on top of another knit stitch. So you get single columns of knit stitches, with 3 knits and purls in between.

13 thoughts on “Quick Scarf

  1. i love your scarf! looks so warm and so beautiful. I will definitely have to look for that yarn the next time i’m in a yarn store!

  2. Hi!,
    I love mistake rib…but would you know how to, say, increase one on each side, every 10 rows, and NOT disrupt the pattern (as for a sleeve). I have 33 stitches I’m trying to increase (with mistake rib throughout).
    Thanks for any help!

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