Snow Obsessed

The older I get the more I like crisp-cold of winter and dislike the sticky-hot of summer. For the past few weeks I’ve been itching for snow — bigtime. As I was awakening this morning I thought for a second about how nice it would be to open the drapes and see the trees coated with snow. Of course that didn’t happen, but with a high of 47 predicted for today it’s almost cold enough.
Since the weather isn’t cooperating I’ve been thinking about snowflakes in my knitting.
This sweater has been on my mind for at least a year now:


It’s Lana Grossa’s August 2003 Model of the Month. It’s a free pattern. I have some Adrienne Vittadini Nadia in Chianti (a dark red) that I think would knit up beautifully as that sweater. I’d lengthen it and possibly modify the collar. Maybe some fuzzy angora for the snowflake?
I’ve also been thinking about a FI snowflake sweater in non-standard snowflake colors. I bought some dark orange and sapphire wool from Elann to make one. Two months ago I saw a girl wearing an orange FI with some dark blue accents and I couldn’t stop staring at it. So when the Peruvian Collection came out I knew I had to get some for that sweater. I’ve been considering starting it over the Christmas holiday but with the discovery of Mariah the snowflakey FI may have to wait.
Christmas Update
I finished half of Kelly’s Christmas gift. I scraped what I showed you all last week though. It just wasn’t feeling up to gift status. It was fine, but nothing special. I came up with my own design over the weekend and I love it! It’s camera-shy but hopefully I’ll get a good pic of it tomorrow for you all. I’m so pleased with this one that I decided to make it a free pattern too. I’ve started typing that up as well and hope to have a preliminary copy done by tomorrow too. Knitting it up was fun. Writing the pattern was hard! I still have a few areas in the instructions that I think aren’t up to par yet so I may scour some other patterns to see how they say it.
My Hair
I did get my hair cut on Friday. There was a bit of drama and I’ve decided to find a new stylist after 4 years. The hair is fine. I now have bangs and they should be the perfect length in a few weeks. The eyebrows (which I got waxed) are almost gone. Seriously. For some reason I’m not that self-conscious about them but there’s almost none left. You know it’s bad when you show your girlfriends and they say “Well, you could pencil them in.”

10 thoughts on “Snow Obsessed

  1. I love that sweater – it would be beautiful in a deep red. I hear ya’ on the haircut front! I decided I needed a new stylist last week and walked out with my hair 5 inches shorter (my old stylist refused to cut it off). OH MY!!

  2. i think i’ll stick to my tweezerman tweezers. between the tales of the rough Russian waxer and your meh experience, i’ll content myself with unshaped, but plucked brows.
    i do like that sweater and the idea of a fuzzy angora snowflake is perfect! i am also longing for snow…

  3. I cut my own hair and wax my own eyebrows. Sorry about the horrible hair day you had. I really like the snowflake sweater and I think your combo would be quite fetching.

  4. yay! thank you and finding that sweater! i have to make it! its the cutest thing ever. i love the neck and the motif!! yea, the haircut thing is hard. i never am happy after leaving a stylist. i just decided the last 2 times that i would revert back to high school days and just cut my own hair. its not going badly so far, and im saving a lot of money. im confident enough to not have someone touch it before my wedding next weekend!

  5. whoops i forgot why i came to your site in the first place! i wanted to know if you had any resource that could help me in binding off lace! i finished a project that looks like hell because i bound it off improperly i suppose.

  6. Ouch…my eyebrows hurt just hearing about your experience. Hope you find someone who will treat you well and do a good job.
    And come on out and enjoy the snow. We have tons in the mountains and none in the valley…kinda like Camelot!

  7. I bet you don’t have to lengthen that sweater. That model is about 7 feet tall, and look how short the zipper on her pants is! (And what’s with it looking like it’s on the outside?) It just looks short because she’s got a long torso and is barely wearing pants. It’s not her belly-button she’s about to show; it’s quite well covered, actually.

  8. Well, I can’t relate too much about wishing it would snow – that’s why I moved to the South – BUT, sweaters are my fav-o-rite clothing item, and I think the one you picked is GREAT! I think a deep red would be wonderful, and very flattering to your dark hair. (And don’t worry, the eyebrows will grow back soon enough!)

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