2 Color Snowflakes

I decided to stray from the original Lana Grossa pattern and do a band of snowflakes across the front.


I was a bit concerned about trying to get that much detail out of the thick and thin Nadia but it seems to have done pretty well! Here’s a shot of the whole front. I still haven’t blocked this piece but it’s already reading pretty well.
I used a Norwegian Star pattern out of Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves. I have to admit that doing the two color work flat (meaning I had to do purl rows, too) with a thick and thin yarn held with a laceweight mohair really tried my patience as a knitter. I’m pleased with the final result but it will be a while before I consider taking on that task again!
I pinned together the front and back to give it a test run. The width is great — perfect in fact! But the length from shoulder to armhole is about 2 inches too long. I must have taken a measurement incorrectly because the sweater measures what I was going for. So I need to frog back a few inches on the tops of both the front and back and knit the neck and shoulder shaping again. It’s not a big deal and hopefully I’ll tackle it tonight. Then all that will be left is a sleeve!

12 thoughts on “2 Color Snowflakes

  1. The snowflakes really are beautiful. As for knitting them flat, it certainly isn’t as easy, but totally worth it when your end product looks that great.

  2. hmm.. i think there’s something missing from your ‘goals’ list… unless it’s already done??? 😉

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