A Little Help From Friends

Timing is everything, and my timing for this Yarn Diet SUCKS!
First, Elann puts out their solid colored sock yarn in a gazilion yummy colors. For just over 5 bucks you can buy enough yarn for a pair of socks. Perfect for a pair of Pippi’s, or those argyle socks I’ve been dreaming about.
Then, they go and put out new stock of their Peruvian Highland Wool. A couple colors I liked but didn’t jump on fast enough are in there. I must have visited the site 20 times yesterday just to watch the inventory numbers change.
Then, KnitPicks goes and releases white sock weight yarn so now I’m dreaming up all the handdyed color combos I could make myself.
Finally, the new Vogue Knitting came out and I love about 50 projects in there:

The knitting goddess is really putting me to the test this week. So far so good though, and here’s why.
Look what Kate sent me:


It’s a wonderfully saturated shade of deep magenta mohair, and it goes perfectly with a hank of Manos I have in the stash (pictured on the right). I think I’ll either make up a scarf with 1 strand of Manos and 2 strands of the Mohair, or I’ll make up a wrap with just the mohair. I love love love this color!
And then yesterday I won 2 hanks of Koigu from Caryn for correctly guessing her TV trivia question! I can’t wait to see what color shows up at my doorstep!
One thing is for sure though, not buying new yarn is really helping me keep to my goals. I’m a few repeats away from hitting my secret pal goal for the week, and then it’s just 2×2 ribbing on Cabled and Ribbed sweater to finish the back.
I think I’ll hit both of those goals this week, as well as the no yarn buying, thanks to Evelyn, Kate and Caryn. Thanks, girls!

5 thoughts on “A Little Help From Friends

  1. Oh don’t feel bad, Elann’s house brand stuff will comeback again! I wanted to get 2 of every sock yarn color but then common sense took over. So there we 5 colors I didn’t buy . The real moment of truth will be when the NYC stores start holding their winter sales – that’s where most of my stash came from!

  2. I feel your pain – I actually have a credit at Elann, but am still holding off because I really have way too much yarn. That solid sock yarn was darned tempting, though. Stay strong!

  3. And in case you didn’t see, Knitpicks also has their own Peruvian Highland Wool as well as 11 other “Knitpick Brand” yarns for way less (the PHW is $1.79/skein!!!!!)
    Yep, I already ordered a few of several of the different yarns to try ’em out…

  4. I just love that Vogue felted flower bag. Since I’ve only recently begun to love knitting socks I didn’t feel too bad about adding some to my stash. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with that pretty purple yarn.

  5. Oooh, I spent the next twenty minutes after reading your blog drooling over the new Vogue patterns, and I haven’t even seen a copy of the magazine yet! Good luck with that yarn diet (how long does it last?)!

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