New Beginnings


It seemed only fitting that I give my favorite sweaters a bath today. I hate washing handknits! Wow, I’m sure that’s a profound statement. I’m guessing you all just love it, right?
Well today I tried something new (for me) and it worked really well. I used my washing machine to spin them out after soaking in the sink. I have a front loader and I thought it wouldn’t work — but it did! I turned them inside out and switched on the spin cycle and voila! My sweaters weighed a fraction of what they did before they went in. I should have dry sweaters by the morning (with brand new Isabella paw prints on them to boot!).
I’m also playing around with my blog design. I don’t think I’m done, although I am done for today. I wanted something cooler and with less color, but it’s really hard to judge colors on this laptop monitor. So when I feel like hooking up a regular monitor I’ll take a peek and do some tweaking.
I’m taking Margene’s advice and making sure I do all the things I love today. Since I haven’t knit yet it sounds like a fine excuse to do so! Make sure you do the same :)

10 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. It’s a pretty cool look and a very different look, too! Hope you met your goal of doing all the fun things…I think I only have one or two left to do. Enjoy 2005!

  2. I like the new design as well! I want to thank you again for the advice about the tubular cast on. Remember me? It is gorgeous if I may say so myself! Happy New Year and thanks for the great site!

  3. Your new design — thumbs up!
    And the pumpkin gooey cake went over pretty well with the family!
    Blessings, good wishes and happiness to you in the new year!

  4. Great look – that cable is just perfect! I spin my sweaters (on the extremely rare times that I wash them) – I also put them in a room with a ceiling fan to dry – cuts the drying time in half.

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