Ok, Ok, I Won’t Frog The Sock

Wow, my “To Frog or Not To Frog” post yesterday sure did elicit lots of response — multiple offers to send yarn so I didn’t have to break my diet, and sweet comments about the theft. Thank you all so much! The break in could have been a lot worse — they didn’t damage the cars, nothing of sentimental value was lost, they didn’t try to get into the house, and no one was hurt. And after having a few days to reflect upon it, that’s the way we’re looking at it.
Now that that’s over with, I hereby promise NOT to frog the sock. But, I do need to make a bigger pair and I’ll do that before making sock 2 for myself. My friend Evelyn offered to send over some Encore that’s in her stash in a medium blue color and that should be perfect. Plus, it keeps me out of Rosie’s which is really the ultimate goal. I don’t think I could ever leave there with just a few skeins of Encore!
Fun Scarf
I started a fun and quick scarf out of Kureyon in my stash.


It’s a herringbone pattern that I found at Sheep in the City. Here’s a closeup. Isn’t it cool?
A couple notes about this stitch pattern:

  • This pattern is SUPER warm and thick. I’m using US 13s to knit this and I typically knit with the needle size listed on the ball band. I tried it on 10s and it was so tight it felt more like a woven fabric than something that was knitted
  • The back looks pretty much like reverse stockingnette. It doesn’t bother me much because the Kureyon still keeps in interesting, but I thought I’d mention it.
  • It knit up fast. Really fast. I knit through the first ball in a few hours.

New Rebecca!
Hey, did you notice? The Spring/Summer 05 Rebecca is up!

10 thoughts on “Ok, Ok, I Won’t Frog The Sock

  1. I’m glad that your sock dilema got itself worked out Jody! I love that herringbone pattern, I’ll have to try it soon. I can’t believe that you are using such huge needles! Isn’t it crazy how one little pattern can change the yarn so much!

  2. good idea- get his socks outa the way, and then go on to yours! that scarf is lovely! i might consider knitting one for myself, ive never seen that link before!

  3. What a co-ink-i-dink! I’ve been knitting a herringbone throw, inspired by the herringbone poncho in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. I’m using Cashmerino Chunky and 15s. You’re right about the thickness thing. I asked Mary over at Tangled Web and she thought the pattern listing worsted on 17s was incorrect. It’s making beautiful thick fabric for a throw, but I’m afraid it’s going to eat up too much expensive yarn. Yours look beautiful in the Noro. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Oh man. That is a beautiful stitch… I needed a new scarf this year, and a kind and talented friend made me an ubercool fleece one, so I thought I was off the scarf-knitting hook for this winter. But now I want one like yours!

  5. Very cool scarf! I love the herringbone stitch. Would you mind sharing the colorway number for the Kureyon? I love it and would like to see if I can get some for myself…

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