18 thoughts on “Snowed In!

  1. In DC we got 4″ which is enough to shut the city completely down for a few days lol! Stoke up your fire and have Paul pull out the vino!

  2. Wow, that picture is something else!
    Yesterday we were wearing shorts here in Los Angeles….80 something degress. Wish I could share it with you!
    (and I compalined about the rain a couple of weeks ago)

  3. I’m in New Hampshire now, but long ago I lived in Kentucky and that much snow would shut us down for a week at least. Now we have 25-30 inches and we will be back in business tomorrow. At least we had today.

  4. We’re iced in here in Virginia and it’s a good thing because I just finished some natalya mitts and I love them. I’m going to love having them in the grocery store where I always freeze. Thanks for the great pattern. Jane

  5. LUCKY! In chicago, we never shut down anything, and have to trudge through the whole mess- the worst part is the few days after where the snow is then gray. bleck. happy knitting time!

  6. Thought I’d let you know a second pair of Natalya’s turned into mittens. I continued in pattern until they were long enough, decreased over 6 rows down to 5 stitches, ran the tail through the stitches and pulled tight. Basically the same for the thumb. They’re tighter than most mittens which means I can use my hands more.
    Thanks again for e great pattern/inspiration.

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