Thoughts of Spring

I worked on Mariah last night, and since I’m making it in a cotton acrylic, I started thinking about other warmer weather knitting.
I peeked at Knit n Tyme and saw the Phildar Tendances 05 is out! A couple of the designs really popped out at me.

Phildar_425_016_1 Phildar_425_020
design 16
i love the collar
design 20
the neckline is great.
the seed stich is not

I also want to do a Kate from last year’s Phildar (the version with sleeves). And I’ve been eyeing some of the Rebecca designs. And now that I found my perfectly-fitting storebought tank I want to try a handknit one again (made to the storebought measurements).
What do you all have in mind for spring?

8 thoughts on “Thoughts of Spring

  1. Definitely several things from rebecca and the new Tendances. Maybe Blaze from Knitty? And I’ve had the yarn for Kate since last year, too. Too many things, too little time, right?

  2. Oh, I do think the neckline on 20 is cool.
    SO, do you dislike the look of seed stitch or just doing it?
    The next sweater I plan to do for me is Nantucket Brocade (from Knitting the New Classics). There’s a picture of it in this post.
    I’ll be knitting it in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran… it is so, SO soft… I can’t wait to knit with it.

  3. I like the #16 from above. My spring knits include a couple of patterns that I’ve found in Rebecca #27 [that cardi you have in your future products!] and from Rebecca #29…as soon as I buy it. You’ve made me fall in love with Rebecca.

  4. Spring knitting?!? Wow, I am impressed. What about those of us who always bite off more than we can chew and are trying to finish up big wool sweaters, just as the temperature moves into the 60’s and 70’s? :) Good for you!

  5. i really like design 16 in that scan! soo pretty! i think i will just keep chugging away for winter stuff in the summer. im a pretty slow knitter compared to most, so it just makes sense for me!

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