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I’ve been really busy lately, but very little of it has been knitting-related. Care to see where I’ve been spending most of my time? Here ya go. I re-started remodeling work last week and that’s taken up the bulk of my free time.
The rooms do look better than what you see in the pic. There are now studs between the two rooms, the insulation is done, and the electricity is complete (yes — that means I finally got over my fear of installing a circuit breaker!). We’ve even started the sheetrock. And lemme tell ya — if your relationship can withstand moving 1,500 pounds (you read that right — FIFTEEN HUNDRED POUNDS) of sheetrock and installing it on a ceiling together then you can handle anything. By Sunday night just about everything on our bodies hurt. Hell, I even had a black and blue toe.
But there is a silver lining. The smaller of the 2 rooms is destined to be my knitting room. My very own knitting room! I have dreams of hanging gorgeous hanks of yarn from pegs…pinning swatches to the corkboard for inspiration…setting up my blocking board and closing the door so little paws can’t knead at it. And most importantly — an unending supply of diet coke from the mini-fridge I still need to buy.
So while all this house work is getting done, I feel my to do list growing like mad:

  1. Clean up my stash tracking spreadsheet and write a post about how I organized my stash (because so many of you have asked).
  2. Document how to create a slide show like the one I did a couple days ago. The idea’s hardly unique but I know some of you are struggling with the HTML.
  3. Create a Socks 101 post. I started this last night but I don’t like the way the toe came out. So a rip-rip-rip I go.
  4. Start my sockapalooza sock.* Do you realize there’s less than a month left before the swap? How did I let this happen?
  5. Re-dye my scarf so I can show you all the final product.

I hope to start the Sockapalooza sock, document Socks 101, publish the spreadsheet and dye the scarf by end of the weekend.
OK, so I started the sock last night (for Socks 101), and a few nights ago too. But I keep ripping. Knitting for other people can really make you crazy! But I’ve finally settled on a pattern and now I just need to perfect the toe.

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  1. Your very own knitting room. That is the most beautiful sentence in the world. Isn’t is satisfying to know that you’re creating these rooms yourself? Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to your Socks 101.

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