For the past few weeks I’ve been looking for a project to get me excited. All this stockinette has led to me all but avoiding knitting! Well we can’t have that, right?

lace *sigh*

It’s Susan’s Branching Out from the latest Knitty.
I’m using Artyarns Supermerino in color 110 on a US 7. The colors look pretty true on my monitor. I tried out this yarn before Christmas for a pair of socks for my Mom but I just couldn’t get the yarn to look right for socks. They never seemed correctly sized — either a bit big and droopy or too tight and stretched out — so I frogged the sock and the yarn has been in my stash ever since.
I modified the pattern slightly. I started out with just 2 rows of garter and I eliminated the garter edge going up the sides. I was hoping the edges would scallop and they are! It’s about 6 inches wide. I have 230 yards of the yarn and I’m planning to just knit until I run out.
Lace knitting from the stash on a cool spring day.

21 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhh

  1. looks fantastic. great yarn. i have some leftover clapotis supermerino and may have to try that one day. cool last two lines.

  2. That looks really great — I love the modifications you’ve made from the original pattern, and if I may say think it looks better than the original!

  3. I’m with Pioggia, still trying to decide. Goodness knows there isn’t a shortage of amazing patterns right now. I think your adaptation of Branching Out is going to be so elegant. How are the his/hers sweaters coming? Too much stockinette, eh? :) Can’t wait to see them.

  4. Nice. And I love the modifications. I think the scallped edging will make it a more visually striking scarf. Though I don’t envy the amount of time and pins it will take to block it!

  5. Absolutely breathtakingly beauteous!! I had already decided I was going to knit that scarf, however, after seeing yours….it’s urgent!!!!!

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