For Dad


I’m going to knit with some girlfriends this afternoon and the food theme is poetry — pick a poem and use it to inspire your food choice.
Today would have been my dad’s 81st birthday. All week I’ve had it on my mind. Not in a bad way, just in a remembering fond moments kind of way.
Dad and I probably spent more time in the kitchen than anywhere else. He taught me most of the italian cooking that I know, and I loved our times spent together, cooking and stirring and learning.
I learned how to bake break in home ec class as a freshman in high school. Always eager to impress my dad, we went out that next weekend and bought the ingredients so I could do it at home. It was a huge success and dad couldn’t stop raving about MY BREAD! Made by me! Just me! I was thrilled because I found something I could make him, and I think it tickled him too. He even started requesting that I make it. He’d have some with dinner. He’d toast some up in the morning to dip in his coffee. He’d show my uncles when they came over.
My simple loaf of bread.
In honor of dad’s birthday, and inspired by the poetry theme, I baked up some bread, cooked a pan of sausage, peppers, and onions, and wrote this little poem. I’m no writer, and certainly not a poet, but it does convey what a special time it was, cooking with dad.

another sunless sunday morning

another sunless sunday morning
the kitchen’s filled and ready to start
a glance and a smile at what’s ahead of me
so many thoughts flooding my heart

another sunless sunday morning
like so many we’d spent together
dipping bread in the bubbling sauce
kept us warm from the cold weather

another sunless sunday morning
italian food, crusty baked bread
cooking aromas filling the room
all your favorites, a beautiful spread

another sunless sunday morning
keeping the ritual on my own
a nod and a smile from you up above
a tradition i will have never outgrown

15 thoughts on “For Dad

  1. What a great way to honor a wonderful memory. And the bread looks yumy, too.
    Did I see you at the Fiber Arts Market yesterday? I thought I did…but I was to shy to say hi. 😉

  2. that is just wonderful that you still have those memories to keep you comfortable and warm. all that food sounds just wonderful!! i would love to be able to make perfect simple bread!

  3. Jody–this is a fantastic post. The poem and the memories are so lovely. There is somethign so wonderful about learning to cook from someone you love, it makes food so special. Your poem was really wonderful.

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