Girly Socks

In what’s turning out to be the status quo for this sock, I ripped out the first few rows of foot patterning last night to try something different. I didn’t really like the way the 4 rows of K1, P1 alternating with P1, K1 was looking. It felt too hard and structured for a girly pink sock with hearts on it.
While I was at it, I realized that the hearts in the Regia pattern that inspired my socks were 24 stitches wide. That’s half the stitches of my entire sock! So I needed to rework the heart anyway.
This is my attempt to start the heart patterning on the foot. See the half-hearts on each side? To make up the space in the middle I put in some little diamonds. What do you think? I really like it. Plus, those diamonds will come in really handy when I get to the calf increase section.
This Louet Gems at 6 spi knits up really fast. By the time I finished charting and recharting the cables it was close to 10 o’clock, yet I still got in a good few inches of foot before going to bed a little after 11.
This’ll come in really handy when I knit on what I’m sure will feel like the neverending calf.

6 thoughts on “Girly Socks

  1. I really like how you’ve redone the pattern. The hearts will be so cute in your pink yarn! And I appreciated the toe-talk in your last post. I’m a big fan of the figure 8 cast on as well, but have always done M1 increases every other row. I might have to try your rounded toe technique and the yo’s on my next sock.

  2. Wow, that’s really cute with the hearts and the color. I like how you’ve modified the pattern.

  3. Hi,
    I came across your blog through the blogring, and I saw the Felted Tweed in your Stash sale. If it’s still available, I’d definitely be interested!

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