June Goals Check In

Alrighty. It’s June 1st and time for another goals check-in. Truth be told I’ve really strayed from this list, but there’s good reason to review it and remind myself of my goals. And like I said in the beginning of the year, I’m fine with modifying them. The point is to try and keep some focus.

  1. Zipo: I haven’t touched this one all month. The newest deadline is October.
  2. Clapotis: Still at around 60% done. I’m close to picking this up again. I know it’s June, but for some reason I’ve been itching to finish it up.
  3. A pair of gloves.
  4. St. Brigid
  5. Mariah I’m definitely not using the cotton blend I originally bought for it. But I still don’t know what I want to use instead. I’m hoping for something from the stash, but of course, something _not_ from the stash is oh so much more interesting.
  6. Start Complete 4 other sweaters for me.
  7. A tank/sleeveless top that fits well. My black raglan will be fitting the bill for this one.
  8. An aran sampler throw blanket for my Mom. This one isn’t very intriguing any more. I’m still not sure what I’ll replace it with, but I don’t think I’ll be doing this one any time soon. Never say never though.
  9. 6 4 pairs of socks. house socks, sockapalooza socks, and 1 sock for me out of Plymouth Encore, and I also joined Sockapal-2-za today so I’ll be sure to have at least one more pair done by September.
  10. Some lavender-filled lace sachets for my Mom and Aunt Mary. I’ll probably make these up in late April or early May for a mother’s day mail surprise. Well obviously that didn’t happen! But I do still want to make these.
  11. 6 4 other small items (hats, scarves, mitts, etc.) natalya and a little bag that still needs its picture taken. And a couple weeks back I casted on for a pair of gauntlets out of sock yarn. I’ve only knit a few inches but I’m in no hurry since it is June afterall.
  12. Something nice in lace. hanging vines scarf
  13. No 2004 UFOs remaining at the end of 2005. I’m going to have to take stock of what’s in the UFO pile and what’ll need to go into the frog pond.
  14. At the end of 2005 I will have a smaller stash than I started with. I’ve definitely curbed my yarn buying, but there’s still more stash than I started with in January. I’m planning to do another stash sale and I’ve also joined Stashbusters. I absolutely love this idea! I’m still mulling around what I’ll be doing for June. I should have something figured out by the weekend.