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I’ve loved Jane Ellison’s Butterfly ever since it came out. But I didn’t think I would want to wear a strongly striped version of it. Plus, the idea of the stripes not matching up along the front just didn’t sit well with me. I knew I’d drive myself crazy wearing it! I’ve been a fan of Claudia’s subtley striped red version, but I don’t spin. I did briefly consider taking up spinning just to make this sweater, but that would be just another UFO to deal with and it’ll take too long to soothe my NEED IT NOW syndrome silly.
So I filed the idea away and thought that maybe some new yarn would come out for this fall that would fit the bill. Or possibly I’d find something at Rhinebeck.
Then, I was at Rosie’s over the weekend and came across a yarn that might just work — Reynolds Odyssey.


The color choices in this yarn are fabulous! I can’t believe I don’t see this one pop up on the blogs more often. I had a hard time narrowing it down, but in the end I bought 2 colors for swatching — color 476, with shades of blues and greys with a touch of orange, and color 503 in shades of greens and oranges with a touch of blue.
When I need a little break I’ll swatch these up and see what I think. I’m hoping for enough “striping” to show off the chevrons, but subtle enough that when the fronts meet up they won’t look like they’re not matching.

15 thoughts on “New Project Thoughts

  1. Love the color choices!
    Oh, b/c I have officially delurked here… I am wondering: are you making the red sweater pattern available? And how did you know *when* and how many short rows to put in? I am curious as I possess *sweater troublemakers* (i.e. boobs).

  2. Both are great choices — look forward to seeing the swatches. Oh — just saw your sidebar — congratulations on the 12 lb. loss!

  3. I love #503. It’s very pretty! I wanted to knit that swaeter, but everyone’s ended up too large. That’s a lot of knitting to not fit me. It’s very unique though.

  4. Hi! I’ve been away from my regular reads for awhile, so I’ve missed some stuff, but your short rows look fascinating. I’m going to continue reading….. Just wanted to say “hi”!

  5. If this is the one I am thinking of I did make a sweater out of it. Be forewarned that I felt that it split a bit. I really had to pay attention. It was also really expensive considering the yardage. In my mind it was running about $9-10 a ball. This might be one of those cases where you buy it on sale or buy it someplace like webs where they will give a discount. You might also ask your yarn source if there is a discount if you buy full bags of it.

  6. I love that yarn! I made some mittens out of it last winter (the orange/pink colorway) and have some grey/red for another pair. I was really surprised to see how well it held up-no pilling!

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