Raglan Fix

You guys are great! So many volunteers to test knit, and already a few who would consider buying the pattern. It was all the encouragement I needed!
I think I’ve ironed out all the issues with the raglan pattern so I’m going to start fresh. I’m anxious to get the pattern completed and the bottom of the sweater is the easiest part. It’s those raglan lines with the modified neckline that have been bending my brain.


I do plan on frogging the black sweater but I wanted a fresh color for now. And it just so happens I have enough red TLC Cotton Plus in the stash for another raglan.
I thought I’d cast on as soon as I got home but I’ve been working on the raglan decreases for about 2 hours. I’ve finally gotten them right. At least, I think I have.
So here it is 9PM and I’m just starting. And I’m not frustrated. And I’m using stash yarn.
Yup — this is my June stashbuster project as well. Two great reasons to knit this up quickly — test knitting and a KAL deadline. Dani really had the right idea with this stashbusters KAL. I love it!
OK, I’m off to cast on 150 stitches.

6 thoughts on “Raglan Fix

  1. Glad you like the Stashbusters idea. It is really helping me get rid of some stash. Now if I could just stop buying more. :)
    I can’t wait to see what the raglan looks like finished. You keep teasing us!

  2. I’m in — that is if you need a flat chested size 8 knitter for your sizing! If not, put me on your “buy list.”
    I’ll be in Vermont for three weeks without television, getting our place up there ready to rent out, starting June 16th. The perfect time to whip up a raglan!

  3. Kudos for de-stashing. It really is tough, isn’t it? It’s been months for me without buying any new yarn and I don’t see my stash getting any smaller.

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