Standard Body Measurements and Test Knitting

The reaction to my black raglan has gotten me thinking that I may offer the pattern up for sale. I’m still mulling this around but I do need a little help. Does anyone have a good source for standard body measurements? If I grade the pattern I need to have some basic body measurements.
Also, the focus of the pattern will be on achieving a great fit. So, I’ll need a few test knitter volunteers (in different body shapes and sizes). If you think you’d be interested in test knitting the pattern (I think it will be available for test knitting in about a month) please leave a comment and I’ll get you on the list (list – ha! I have one volunteer so far).
And finally, if you’d be interested in buying the pattern let me know that too!

20 thoughts on “Standard Body Measurements and Test Knitting

  1. I’d be interested in test knitting too. I am a long torso-ed size large (I can make the mods for torso length).

  2. I’m interested, because I’d love to learn the techniques. I’ve only been knitting for about six months… so I could be your beginner-level tester. (If you want one, that is. :) )
    I also have boobage. (And buttage. 😉 )

  3. I would love to buy the pattern when it’s ready. I’m always looking for attractive patterns that actually fit my “pleasantly” endowed bust.

  4. I would test knit – I am definitely on the lack of boobage side. I usually knit a 34″ bust if that makes any difference

  5. I’m so glad you’ll be selling the pattern. I was hoping you would. I hope you find a size 32, barely-chested knitter, to test knit. I would, but I don’t think I’m at that level, yet.

  6. I would love to test knit it for you…size 14….well-endowed, etc…it looks like just what I have been looking for as a summer top!

  7. I would love to test knit. I’m a size 16W with a 47″ Ecup chest. I normally need to add short rows to make something that fits my waist and then my chest. Cheers Eva

  8. If you need more testers, please let me know! I am a size M to L, with a C or D cup. I would be happy to put some other WIP’s on hold to test knit this, since I love the square neck and raglan shaping and SHORT ROWS :)

  9. I would love to do test knitting. I am a stick, no boobage and is a US size 4 modern day with extremely long arms.

  10. I use the Apparel Design and Production Handbook/A Technical Reference by fashiondex. It has all the standard body measurements and grade rules.

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