July Goals Check In

Wow! Finally a month where I feel like I made something of my time. I did alot of ripping to get my raglan right, but it’s almost done and the top fits fabulously!
So here’s where things stand with my year-long knittng plans:

  1. Clapotis est fini!
  2. A pair of gloves.
  3. St. Brigid
  4. Mariah Still not sure what I want to use for this one. I know the inspiration will hit me one day, just when I’m not expecting it.
  5. Start Complete 4 other sweaters for me.
  6. A tank/sleeveless top that fits well. My red raglan is almost done.
  7. An aran sampler throw blanket for my Mom. This one isn’t very intriguing any more. Still sounds pretty boring to me. I’ll give it one more month and if it’s still a no-go, off the list it will go!
  8. 6 4 pairs of socks. house socks, sockapalooza socks, and 1 sock for me out of Plymouth Encore, and another single sock for me out of Trekking XXL. (it’s not done in the pic but it is indeed done)
  9. Some lavender-filled lace sachets for my Mom and Aunt Mary. I’ll knit these up some lazy weekend.
  10. 6 4 other small items (hats, scarves, mitts, etc.) natalya and a little bag that still needs its picture taken. And a couple weeks back I casted on for a pair of gauntlets out of sock yarn.
  11. Something nice in lace. hanging vines scarf
  12. No 2004 UFOs remaining at the end of 2005. I’m hoping to work on this goal some more this month.
  13. At the end of 2005 I will have a smaller stash than I started with. Net change for June to the stash — 6 balls less. I did buy a few for swatching but that’s it. Stashbusters has been great. I’m still thinking about what my July project will be.

2 thoughts on “July Goals Check In

  1. You always have such lofty goals and do well in meeting them. It isn’t a strong suit of mine to try and make a list and stick to it. It might be the death of my projects. That’s my life, however..seat of the pants living.

  2. Congratulations on goal progress! I am also a big list-maker — haven’t done it yet for my knitting, but like the idea. Great to see the evolution of the raglan. Now I’m off to check your stash sale.

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