I came across this yarn on Sunday and decided to sell it off in the stash sale. The colors are not me and the extra bulky gauge isn’t usually my thing either. Plus, it would piss me off every time I came across it in the stash.
OK, here’s the story. Someone asked me if I could check a few LYSs near my job. She was in desperate need of 3 balls of the yarn and the only store in the area that carried the yarn was all out. Lo and behold, my LYS had it. I emailed her, let her know I was picking it up, and brought it to her the next day.
I take it out of my bag to hand it to her, and what does she say? Oh no, nevermind. The LYS by me just got a new shipment so I don’t need it any more.
I was so stunned I didn’t say anything, but boy was I mad. To make matters worse, I lost the receipt and couldn’t return it. So it’s been aimlessly sitting in the stash for a good year and a half.
When I took it out on Sunday I just couldn’t stop thinking about dyeing it up. By Sunday night no one had offered to buy it so I took out one of the balls, wrapped it around the back of a chair, tied it together, and soaked it in a vinegar water bath. I broke out the food coloring and played with shades of pink until it got what seemed to be dark enough.
After that one was done I did the same thing with another ball, this time dyeing it up purple.


I love the way the colors turned out! The variations in the yarn colors come through even when they’re dyed. The purple has more variation in it in person.
I’m mulling over a few ideas for what to make out of it. I think it’ll be a scarf of some sort. I still need to dye the third ball and I’m considering orange. What do you think?
* I’m hoping my next post on this subject will be Lemonade. Get it?

8 thoughts on “Lemons*

  1. Ohh, I would be sooo mad. Still, it’s a good thing you found a way to turn it all around and have some fun with it.
    Orange sounds good. I think the yarn will make a great scarf.

  2. that sucks! you should have poured a dyebath over her too….and it’s not like it is cheap yarn. love the new colours! much better than the originals.

  3. I hate it when people do stuff like that, because then it makes you hesitate the next time you go to do a favour for someone. I almost bought that from you last week, but I wasn’t sure what I could make with three balls.
    You knot what would be really neat? (Of course I think of this now) Striped legwarmers. Although that would be pretty impractical in the south, wouldn’t it. Lots of girls that I knit with wear them under their jeans in the winter

  4. Wow, who would do that?? ah well, the dyeing turned out great! I like how the darker and lighter areas of the yarn look different – very nice effect.

  5. No wonder you were mad – where is yarn returnable anyway? And hello, not exactly inexpensive. That person was terribly inconsiderate.
    Nice solution – I particularly like that red shade.

  6. Love the colors! I used that yarn to make a bag for a niece this winter – makes a great fabric for a winter purse using samller than recommended needles!

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