A Little Late to the Party


I’ve finally caught the shrug bug. I thought shrugs wouldn’t work on those of us who were busty, but once I tried on a few in the stores I realized they could! I’ve already bought 2 shrugs that tie in the front so I decided I needed one of those shoulder-back type shrugs.
I’m making the drop stitch shrug from the Summer 2005 IK Staff Project. Here’s a closeup of the stitch pattern. I picked Dale Stork instead of the called for yarn (a silk blend) because I wanted more of an everyday shrug.
The Stork is a finer gauge so after some swatching I decided to add one repeat in order to get the correct width.
I’m really impressed with the Stork yarn, and even considered it for my long-awaited Martha. Stork’s a baby yarn though, and the color selection isn’t very adult-friendly. So back to the drawing board on Martha.
Back to the shrug.
After a few repeats I noticed that both sides are good options for the right side (mental note — this would be a nice scarf). I’ve decided I like the wrong side better.

Shrugsidea_1 Shrugsideb_1
right side wrong side

I must have a thing for water lately, because what’s drawing me to the wrong side are the ripples that look like undulating waves. The right side has a harsher look to it, and while it’s pretty too, I like the softness of the wrong side.
What do you think?

13 thoughts on “A Little Late to the Party

  1. I have to agree with you on the wrong side being better than the right. I love that stitch but when I tried to use it in the past I just couldn’t get even tension. Maybe it’s like the Scarlet cardi I’m doing now that evened out as it got a little bigger. Did you find the same when you started this shrug?

  2. I too was going to use Stork for the Martha cardi but didn’t like the color selection. By luck I found the yarn I’m currently using.

  3. Ah yes, the shrug bug! One of these would be a perfect gift for my sis… I am actually making a shrug/bolero for myself (and I am busty too).
    I really like that pattern you chose–yeah, the wrong side is pretty! Perhaps I will make this one for sis.
    Take care, Jody!

  4. I have shied away from the shrug cuz of the “busty” thing too (plus I have very wide shoulders). But I may have to try this pattern. I have the IK mag.
    I agree with everyone, the “wrong” side looks like the best side to me. So, how is that wrong? It looks great!

  5. I’m making this shrug and I have the same feeling–I like the wrong side better. The right side, while pretty, just looks a little more unfinished for some reason. Isn’t this an impressive looking knit considering it’s so easy?? I LOVE it!

  6. I felt the same way about shrugs on flat-chested people until I tried one on. I have one on my list now.
    I agree, the wrong side looks better.

  7. I stay away from shrugs because I hate sleeves, but I agree, they’re very pretty. I like both sides too. You’re right, this is perfect for a scarf.

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