A Little River Help

It seems there are 2 things that are troubling some of you, so I thought I’d post a few links here.
What’s this lace cast on?
I’m not positive of the origins, but it may be a British term (please someone tell me if I’m right). I’ve only seen it listed that way in Rowan books myself. The lace cast on is the same as the knitted on cast on.
If you’re not sure what that is, here’s a good illustration.
After my post earlier in the week a few of you left comments with some beading links (thanks!). Here they are:
Deb’s tutorial for knitting with beads without pre-threading them onto the yarn.
Tutorial for knitting with beads by pre-threading

8 thoughts on “A Little River Help

  1. those british with their fancy, dandy terminology! I was confused at first until I finally looked it up and found out what they meant in Americanese

  2. Thanks Jody. After reading Julia’s comment about beads on the shawl body, I wrote to Rowan asking about that. But I haven’t received any answer from them yet. Will update you as soon as I hear from them.

  3. The “Creeper” pattern in Rowan #38 (p.106) cannot possibly be right – I count only 76 rows in all for yje body of the sweater. Has anyone seen a correction? Thanks.

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