I got Rowan 38 today — at quite a steal no less! I didn’t even realize it until I was driving home but the woman rang up the wrong item and only charged me 8 bucks for the mag! I don’t feel so terrible though because I did buy a bunch of yarn and a few more magazines while I was there.
Anyway, there are a few projects I like in there, but Abigail really has me interested. I know — It’s just a simple scarf. The yarn is doing all the work.


And that’s what’s really getting me excited. The yarn. Did you notice that Rowan added 2 new yarns to their Kidsilk line? Kidsilk Spray in 70% Mohair 30% Silk and Kidsilk Night in 67% Mohair 18% Silk 10% Polyester and 5% Nylon. Spray seems to be a very similar yarn but just at a bigger gauge (you get 150m versus 210m in KSH). The Night is the same as Spray but with a metallic thread running through it.
Color palettes are still pretty limited but if KSH is any indication I’d expect the colors to grow quickly. And with mohair being the craze this year (right Katy?) I’ve got to think this is just the start of the colors.
It looks like both new versions are pricing out about 1 USD more than traditional Kid Silk Haze. I can’t wait for my LYS to get the Spray in stock so I can buy it up immediately touch it.
Just what my stash needed.

5 thoughts on “Abigail

  1. i can’t wait to get the mag… i just joined Rowan last week, so it should be on its way soon!
    i’ve seen the patterns online, but the pics are never as good as seeing them in the mag, so i can’t wait to get a closer look at that scarf!

  2. Hi, from the information I’ve seen, both the spray and night have the same yardage and tension as the original KSH. Not that it matters, the stuff would be delicious regardless of yardage, but it’s good to know you can do an exact substitution into KSH patterns.

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