Blame It On Ei


I blogged about Butterfly back in February. I knew I’d eventually make it but now that it’s August I thought I’d wait until early next year.
But once I saw Ei’s Finished Butterfly I just couldn’t wait any longer. So I ran out yesterday morning and bought some KSH in Jelly — a green that’s not too dark and not too limey for me.

I got home and cast on right away and here’s where I am this morning. That hem was the hardest part of the knit, so the simple 8 row repeat of the center panel should go quicker. I hope, because for now it’s to hell with Zipo, the second sockapal2za sock, or my knee highs.
Right now, I have a Butterly to catch.

15 thoughts on “Blame It On Ei

  1. you and i have freakingly similar taste at times. i bought some kidsilk haze back in march to make butterfly with…and after seeing ei’s am tempted to start knitting it now!

  2. I’m all over Butterfly too. I’m kicking myself as I just placed a order last week that included Kid Silk Haze and forget to include the balls I needed for Butterfly.
    Loving the green. I go weak at the knees when it comes to it. I may do that colour myself.
    Looks beautiful so far.

  3. Love that tank, strung the beads to make it, I just don’t know if I’m a very good lace knitter. Besides I have another lace project I need to finish first. GGGGRRRR!!!

  4. Awesome!!! It looks beautiful in the Jelly. I just love this cami!!! I can’t wait to see more of her progress.
    You are too cute…Blame it in Ei! 😉

  5. Wow- the color and pattern are outrageous! I can imagine how long the 8 lines took to do. Sometimes I just need to do something that takes concentration to knit, and other times I look for mindless knitting patterns.

  6. i have been wanting to knit that since i first saw it but really think i should steer clear of any complicated lace for a while (after i tried knitting lacy cami from vk, and it was a huge disaster). i know yours will look fabulous though!

  7. I just started this too – and ALSO because of Ei! (And I definitely let her know it was her fault!:)!)
    I started this weekend and am LOVING it! It’s addictive, isn’t it? I’m about 2 pattern repeats up the back now, and had to force myself to put it down last night!
    I love the Jelly color you chose – it is going to be so gorgeous and it’s a great color for you. (I’m still sticking with that you’d look great in purple, but the green is fabulous for Butterfly!) Can’t wait to see your progress – post more pictures soon!!

  8. That green is so lovely! Perfect color! Yes the butterfly is soooooooooo tempting! Can you believe I wont read blogs somedays just because I know I’ll be tempted to run out and buy a new project and new yarn too of course! I can’t wait to see your completed butterfly too!

  9. Lovely lace! I just read your sock question and all I can offer is what I did myself: I kept the same number of stitches for the ribbing and added elastic thread to finish them. But decreasing stitches sounds like a better idea.

  10. I’ve just started Butterfly, and I have to agree with you on the hem – there was no way that I could memorize the rows – I just had to sit, with no distractions, and do it! I had incredibly tight sholders afterwards. I guess the hem is what earns the pattern its 3 skein rating. :-)

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