Gifts for a Non-Knitter

So, I have a friend’s birthday coming up in November and I’d like to knit something for her. She’s a non-knitter and I’m really torn about what to make.
My first thought was a pair of socks — but I’m not sure if she’d “get it”. Would she think “Greeeeeat a pair of socks”? She’s seen me working on socks but has never taken more than a casual interest in them.
So then I got to thinking maybe I should make a scarf. In something really really soft (cashmere? alpaca? silk?). Something luxurious that would feel great next to the skin. The scarf choices are pretty open. She wears a black leather jacket during the winter and a denim jacket for more casual days. But I’m really at a loss for something that would be both cool from her perspective and interesting from mine.
I’ve always thought Becky’s pink cables and lace scarf was pretty. But would it have enough flair for a non-knitter?
I also considered a Clapotis because I think they’re really wearable. But would she? I just don’t know.
I’m taking any and all advice on the topic.
With one caveat — I don’t want to resort to the “she’ll love whatever I make her because I made it for her”. I want to come up with something she would have bought herself, or something she always needed but never knew it til now.
River-Along Update
OK I think I got all of you in the sidebar. If you’re not there can you drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get you in. I’m also working on getting everyone’s yarn and color choice in there. It’s been fun to see some of the similarities and differences among the group. Surprisingly I think I’m the only one considering NOT using a mohair yarn. The blasphemy!

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