Kepler is such a gorgeous pattern and Emily has done a wonderful job on it! And did you see — she even included a chart! For free!!!! I really want to knit this, but at a tighter gauge. I’ve learned from Rogue that I just don’t like heavier-gauged sweaters.
I love the look of Peace Fleece DK but it only comes in 6 colors!!!! So I’m looking for other options.
I want something homey and earthy like Peace Fleece, with flecks of other colors, but a fuller color selection. Any ideas?

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  1. Oops. There was supposed to be more. There’s also Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK (I have no idea what the difference is between Yorkshire and Harris tweed) and the now discontinued so now on clearance Rowanspun DK.

  2. NatureWool (something like 30 colors and it seems to knit better at tighter gauges; also economical)? Rosie’s has a tweed by Garnstudio that might work, too. Rowan Felted Tweed?

  3. gee the suggestions i was about to make have already been suggested. i’d be going the jo sharp silkroad dk tweed, or the rowan yorkshire tweed or even the rowan harris tweed.
    or maybe a dale of norway or garnstudio yarn.

  4. This is next on my list too! I love it, although the cables may drive me batty! Can’t wait to see what you settle on, I’m kind of torn myself.

  5. Check out Kathmandu – it comes in both dk and aran – lots of colors, little flecks of other colors and a dream to knit and wear. It’s part of the Queensland collection. I love the silky wool, but find it isn’t a true dk – more of a light dk.

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