River Stole Along?


I know many of us are less than thrilled with Rowan 38. The one I just can’t stop thinking about is this one — the River Stole.
The pic is bad so I charted out the lace so I could get a good idea of what it was like — and I like it even more! I know there are a lot of lace knitters out there. Is anyone interested in a River Stole Along? Let me know! If there’s enough interest I’ll create a Yahoo Group or a separate blog for us to follow along. I may even post the charted pattern so let me know if that’s of interest.
BTW, I think this stole would be just as lovely in a fingering weight wool, and might make the knitting easier for those of you who don’t like the mohair.

16 thoughts on “River Stole Along?

  1. Hi. I’m usually a lurker, but am interested in a KAL for this. I started it a few days ago in a light blue Douceur et Soie and just love the knitting of it!

  2. I have also been thinking about working on this stole. The designer has a good track record. It would be great to see your chart – it’s impossible to tell what it will look like from the photo.

  3. I would love to join. I am working on butterfly right now and am loving it. I have never knit with beads is it difficult?

  4. ok ok ok – you twisted my arm! i guess you’ll just have to count me in too. i’ll probably be a couple weeks behind you girls in starting- but i will be there.
    now to order my yarn…..

  5. great idea…and i just happened to pick up a bunch of KSH yesterday in trance, majestic and marmalade…i was going to make another birch, but maybe i’ll go for the river stole instead!

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