Houston We Have a Body


I’ve been forcing myself to knit on this every day. It’s not complicated knitting — it’s booooooring knitting.
Saturday evening I finished up the neckline and 3 needle bound-off the shoulders. It looked a little wide so a trial fitting was in order.
I had a small bit of panic because I shortened the length about a three-quarters of an inch to try and account for the cotton stretching out. I also made the sweater about 2 inches wider than most of his sweaters so it would be a little looser and more casual. I was confident both of those choices were good, but major panic ensues when you consider the possibility of having to — yet again — frog this most basic of sweaters.
But I’m happy to report that the fitting was a total success!
To keep the momentum going I already have the cuff of one of the sleeves on the needles. I find if I only have a little bit of time that I won’t cast on something new. I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any excuses for not working on this sweater. I’m doing it on 2 circs to keep the seaming to a minimum.

13 thoughts on “Houston We Have a Body

  1. I always panic slightly after I finish the body of a sweater. The thought that all that work might not actually fit like it’s supposed to is frightening! 😉 The sweater looks great so far!

  2. Men’s sweaters just take longer… no doubt about it. Looks like you are working up pretty quickly though. Glad it fits him so well 😉

  3. Is that reverse stockinette? Whenever I do anything in rev st st, I always feel like someone is going to ask me if I sewed the pieces together inside out. Somebody like my pain in the *ss brother…

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