River Update — Week 4

Agnes finished hers and it looks wonderful. Can you believe she knit this in a couple of weeks and it was her first lace project?
Moving Along
Brenda is about 4 repeats in now. You can see the rivery pattern emerging.
Felicia has done about 5 repeats. She’s using the elusive Holz & Stein needles and shared the link where she bought them from — Thanks Felicia!
Marichan’s purple River is coming along nicely.
Melissa is making good progress too. She reports she’s getting bored with it though and might plow through to finish it up quickly.
Just Starting
Amy got the hang of the lace cast on and started this week .
Audrey cast on too but might have to tink back. Tinking back KSH — wish her luck!
Cambria finally got her yarn and cast on immediately.
Chrissy also cast on and will be working on River on the train ride to Boston.
Christine just received some KSN and is considering starting her River over in it.
Diana cast on too. She’s using Addi Turbos and noted a sharper point would really help.
Eklectika cast on as well and changed up the decrease to better mesh with her knitting style.
Estee was 3 repeats in when she discovered a dropped stitch and had to frog. Go give her some support!
Gabby is past the setup rows and happily reports she hasn’t had to tink back yet!
Jessica cast on and is using smaller needles too. Like me, she’s planning to use it more as a scarf than a dressy stole/shawl.
Julia’s camera shy River will be taking a trip to the frog pond. She’s going to go down a couple needle sizes and add a repeat to keep the width.
Kellee tried a little too much multitasking and might have to frog her River too.
Kim cast on too and is really happy with her progress after just a couple hours.
Kirsty WH subbed a heavier weight mohair and is wondering if she should go UP a needle size.
Yahaira cast on and reports that she really likes the Clover Ivory needles she’s using.
KALer News
Go congratulate Jessica if you haven’t done so already. Her sock pattern — Falling Leaves — was published in Knitty this week! Go Jessica!

7 thoughts on “River Update — Week 4

  1. Thanks for the complement on the socks. I’m really enjoying River so far, it’s nice movie watching knitting now that I’ve got the chart down.

  2. Thanks for posting on others’ progress on the knitalong … it’s great to read about how others are getting on with the pattern.
    And I love Jessica’s sock pattern … lovely!

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