Stitches East

There’s been very little talk in blog land about Stitches East. I had to check my calendar just to make sure it’s still next week.
I took off Friday so I could hit the market on the first day. The prospect of getting early access to the offerings with a smaller number of people (and bonus — less potential to be assaulted) made taking the day off an easy choice. Funny thing is, I think I’m looking forward to the train ride (quiet knitting time) as much as I am to the shopping itself.
I looked through the vendor list today. Here’s what I have in mind so far:
What I’ll be looking for

  • Solid or near-solid sock yarn
  • Yarn for a Fisherman sweater. After lots of comments (thanks everyone!) I’m currently leaning toward Aurora 8 (based on Julia’s recommendation) but I’m definitely open. If I don’t find something better at Stitches then I will go with the Aurora.
  • Tess Yarn. I loved her sport weight Cascade Silk at MDSW but the colorways weren’t working for me. And I’m sure I’ll pick up more of her sock yarn.
  • A niddy noddy. I want to do more handdyeing and it would really come in really handy.

Other booths I’ll be sure to stop at

14 thoughts on “Stitches East

  1. Ive been wondering why I havent seen more people blog about it. I had asked a month or two ago if anyone was planning on going but got no replies : (
    Ill be going on friday as well! Ill be hitting Habu, School Products, and WoolPlay. I still have to make a little list of what Im looking for though I know I wont be buying too much.
    Would you like to meet up?

  2. Just Our Yarn was at Stitches Midwest, too. I highly recommend a visit. They had some lovely colors and make sure you plunge your hand in the basket of cashmere lace-weight.

  3. stitches east sounds fantastic! i wish i could join you. i’ve also heard a lot of good reports about the karabella 8 and i can’t wait to hear what you think.

  4. Shelridge Farms is definitely worth a visit. The yarn was a basic merino but it was available in a wide variety of vivid solids and it was a joy to knit with.
    Michelle wore her wrist warmers everyday last winter and the yarn held up great- no pilling or stretching or anything weird.

  5. I am not able to go this year, but my friends are going to be there. I am sending along a request for some Tess sock yarn–that stuff is just amazing. Hopefully I can make it next year–I would love to go! Hope you have a good time, Jody 😉

  6. I am so surprise Shelridge Farms (from Ontario) will set up shop in the USA. Their yarn is to die for. I love it.
    Their finest gauge yarn is lovely. Hope you like it.

  7. Have fun at Stitches. I was hoping to be able to go but it just didn’t work out for me. Enjoy the yarn for all of us who can’t make it.

  8. Have a great time at Stitches East — you were smart to take Friday off and hit the vendors before the crowd stampedes in. I look forward to hearing what you bring home with you!

  9. I’ll be there. I’m arriving on Saturday and leaving Sunday – my DH will be at some casino or other the whole time, so if anyone wants to get together let me know! You’re ahead of me Jodi – I have no idea what I want to purchase or what booths to check out. I need to start working on that, don’t I?

  10. *Drool!* I can imagine all those lovely yarns and colorways in my head! Have a great time Jodi, make sure you take lots of pictures.

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